Welcome to Not Your Daddy's Ukulele!
We make the most awesome Ukuleles on the planet including a quality, wood instrument and graphics to express your attitude.  Our art Ukuleles are hand assembled in the USA and include a gig bag.  Looking for a custom Ukulele?  Our graphic artists are available to create a completely custom design based upon your specifications.

Become a Dealer of Our Awesome Ukuleles or Your Own Exclusive Line of Ukuleles!

Sell our unique and awesome Ukuleles in your store or online!  We offer an amazing dealer package for quantity purchases with up to a 30% discount off our retail price of $99.95.  Select from our huge library of Ukulele graphic designs or we can create an exclusive set of designs for you...and you only!
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Contact Us!
Contact us with a general idea of what you are looking for.  One of our wonderful and friendly consultants will help you sign up as a dealer, create your custom designs or select from our library. We are here to get you up...running and making sales quickly and professionally!

Great Sales Potential!

Lets face it...our Ukuleles are major attention getters!  From the beautiful to the darkest designs, we offer a mood and an attitude you simply can't find anywhere else. People purchase our Ukuleles to play, show off and sometimes...just to hang on the wall.

Imagine customers walking by your music shop and seeing awesome metal, or beautiful Hawaiian flower or even a sexy Anime design Ukulele hanging in your window.  These get customers into your store and are one of the biggest impulse purchases of all music accessories.

Custom, Novelty & Promotional Designs!

Imagine selling a custom, exclusive Ukulele design!  Maybe your store is located in a vacation area and you want to sell Ukuleles with a related design....we can do that!  Maybe you have a particular genre or art series you wish to offer...we can do that!

Our graphic artists can create exclusive designs for your every need including graphics utilizing your photographs, your logo, your brand, your company logo for promotions.  We can even produce charity based designs and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

We are THE SOURCE for custom designed Ukuleles for you, your store or your own line of exclusive...not available anywhere else...Ukuleles!